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Chemical Peel 
Terms & Conditions

The treatment you will receive is ONLY available through a licensed and trained skin
care professional.

Clinical treatments are immediately effective and produce long-term results
when all directions, as advised by GlyMed Plus® and your licensed skin care professional, are adhered to. These
special noninvasive skin performance treatments remove the outer layers of micro damaged skin—signaling
new cells to emerge, increasing collagen, elastin and hydration levels thereby producing clearer and more
younger looking and acting skin. Additional benefits may include the drying of active acne, dislodging or
purging of blackheads, reduction of superficial wrinkles or scarring, improving the appearance of mature
or aging skin, correcting sun damage, lightening pigmentation disorders such as sun or age spots, and
controlling the effects of other health and aging skin challenges.

COMPLIANCE in your skin care program will determine the level of success and outcome of your treatment.
Effective, long term results are dependent upon you. Consistency with your recommended continuance of
approved home skin care products as prescribed by your licensed skin care professional
cannot be emphasized enough.

It is strongly advised you continue your professional in-clinic appointments as scheduled. Report any changes
in health, diet, lifestyle or any reactions to your esthetician or physician. Apply sunscreen as directed by your
esthetician or physician, avoid excess sun exposure and avoid tanning beds. Inform your esthetician
or physician of any recreational plans for the week following your treatment.

No guarantee is made or implied regarding results, treatment times or level of discomfort. Your treatment may
involve the application of several exfoliators or solutions at one, two or four week intervals, as determined by

your esthetic/professional technician. It may include the use of GlyMed Plus® skin brightening agents and sun-
protection products.

Depending on your treatment, you may experience some temporary discomfort, including stinging or warm
flushing, similar to a mild burning sensation. This is NORMAL and generally fades within five minutes. During
the few minutes following the initial treatment, you will experience tightening of the skin to varying degrees.
The skin can appear red and become progressively rosier, occasionally turning a tan to brown color, depending
upon formula and application variances.

For most individuals, peeling starts at day five but can be as early as 48 hours. It is impossible to pre-determine
how much peeling will occur. Deeper penetration and more active solutions may result in sensitivity for several
hours after the procedure, with some significant peeling for up to ten days. Your skin can feel tight, dry and you
may experience redness for up to ten days.

To enhance your treatments and relieve discomfort for the period following your treatment, you are advised to
do the following:

• Drink a full glass of tepid water immediately after treatment and a total of eight glasses in the following eight hours.
• Use only professional skin care products recommended by your esthetician or physician.
• Notify your esthetician or physician of ANY concerns.
• Do not use tanning beds, and avoid sun exposure as much as possible. Apply sunscreen DAILY.


Steps to remember post-peel:
• Avoid all sun exposure.
• Avoid exercise and sweating for 48 to 72 hours.
• Avoid having the shower spray directly on the face.
• Do not pick, rub, or unnecessarily touch the face.
• Minimize facial expression.
• Sleep on back.
• Shampoo with head tilted backward to avoid shampoo on skin.

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